Peugeot 'Le Lion', early diamond frame

This Peugeot 'Le Lion model B' with serial number 11520 was built in the years 1890-1892. It has pivot steering, which is quite amazing, since the similar bike with earlier serial number 10337  has a more modern ball head. The 1892 catalogue only shows this model with pivot steering.
You can see a lot of Peugeot characteristics on these pictures. The serial number is engraved in a lot of parts - this was done for guarantee reasons. I love the fact that it still has (parts of) its original mudguards. I guess the rear mudguard originally was longer, like on the other bike of this same model.
It is only a shame this bike has a far too modern saddle.

I also made a page mentioning alle featured Peugeot bicycles and more info on serial numbers.